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"Playing Flute"

I'm a relatively new Wollongong Wind Band member. After many years of total flute neglect, I promised myself to take it up again on my retirement from work. However, when I did eventually retire, I didn't take it up straight away as I had no reason to play. Thankfully, the WWB provided me with that reason.

I've found the band's music choices all very melodious and fun both to play and listen to. I've always felt very welcome here, especially amongst my fellow flautists. There are many excellent musicians amongst the band members, and hearing  them play has helped me pick up my own instrument again. Rehearsal nights are usually lighthearted and provide (amongst a degree of humour) a very pleasant and satisfying environment to experience and enjoy the pleasure of music.

A big thank you to Bill and Sharon for the great job you are doing looking after the band!

Robyn Vromans

"Our Director"

Who would have thought I would have gotten so much enjoyment out of my wife’s involvement in the Wollongong Wind Band, and me not being able to play a single note to save myself, and if you heard me sing you would think someone was strangling me.

When Robyn arrived home with a selection of band music she was to practice, my ears pricked up when I heard a very familiar tune which I could not place. I discovered it was a military march called "Our Director", but that meant nothing to me.

Eventually I remembered that "Our Director" was gramophone music from my school days. Each morning we marched into our classrooms to it.
I was absolutely delighted to hear it again and it brought back unbelievable memories.

Does anyone reading this remember marching into class at Towradgi Primary School in the middle 50’s?

When I heard the band play it live on Anzac day, I was transported.

What a wonderful group of musicians to give me such pleasure.  I had the bright idea of installing "Our Director" on my IPhone and now my docking station wakes me up each morning with "Our Director" banging away and I can’t help but march out of bed and get Robyn a cup of tea.

John Vromans


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